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Can gambling be Harmful for Your life?

The Multi-Billion Dollar Industry: Promises and Pitfalls

For thousands of years, people have enjoyed gambling and also suffered from it. In fact, more people have been ruined from gambling as compared with the number of those who have profited from it. Of late online gambling has become very popular but it is a comparatively new trend, about 20 years old. But it has come up in a big way and grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. This shows that more and more people have come into the world of gambling. Let us read further to find out the impact it has on the lives of gamblers and their families.

Which kind of people is the most likely to gamble?

Which kind of people is the most likely to gamble? The very rich, who have a lot of money and can afford to lose some of it. It won`t have a major impact on their bottom-line. Then there are those who are in need of money and mistakenly believe that gambling and new casino is an easy route to becoming wealthy in a short time. They are prepared to risk the little that they have in the hope of bigger rewards. They do not think what will happen if they lose the small amount they have. Or maybe they simply don`t care. There is also another category of those who start gambling out of curiosity or just for the fun of it. They are neither very wealthy nor are they desperate for money. Just like alcohol, tobacco or drugs, they may take to gambling because they want to be accepted in a group. It becomes the trendy thing to do.

An Addiction that needs mindful Tweaks

But this is where the problem starts without the gamblers themselves realizing it. Just like alcohol, drugs or tobacco a person starts becoming addicted to gambling. Without taking in of any substance he will experience the similar feeling. If he starts winning, he will become greedy and, try to win more. If he loses, he will play again hoping to recover his losses and turn things around. Either way, he becomes hooked and will not be able to pull himself away from the game. One game will lead to another and it becomes a vicious cycle. His mood and state of mind undergo a transformation. The addiction is complete.

Such kind of obsessive behavior which is harmful not only for the gambler but also his family and society is called problem gambling. This addiction or craving leads to adverse physical, psychological and social ramifications. This can seriously affect a person`s physical and psychological health. Those who become victims of problem gambling become afflicted by a migraine, depression, and intestinal disorders. This malady has become even acuter all over the world in recent years. For this reason, it has set alarm bells ringing among the government officials concerned with public health.

Early Signs to Pull Yourself Out

So what are the warning signs that indicate a person`s addiction to gambling? The list below may not be exhaustive but family members and friends of the compulsive gambler would do well to note the following:

  • 1. Unable to have a sound sleep
  • 2. The burden of financial debt goes up. He not only uses his income and savings but even borrows money to pursue his addiction.
  • 3. He very often takes the gambling route to fulfill his financial commitments.
  • 4. He is eager and obsessed to get back to gambling as soon and as often as he can.
  • 5. Feelings of guilt and despair usually compounded after a string of losses while gambling.
  • 6. He wants to chase his losses and reverse them. He starts a fresh game with the intention of converting his losses into profits.
  • 7. He cannot control his behavior even though he is aware of the negative and harsh repercussions.
  • 8. Gamblers who are addicted have the urge to stake more money more often.
  • 9. He may make numerous but half-hearted attempts to stop gambling. You can guess the outcome. It will be a failure.
  • 10. Anxiety related problems mentioned above like depression, migraine, and intestinal disorders.
  • 11. He tends to become short-tempered or impatient if he tries to abstain from gambling.

The Negative Effects of Gambling Addiction

Research figures have shown that about 2.5 million Americans are already addicted to gambling. Surveys have also thrown up a shocking fact that over 80% of Americans have gambled at some time in their lives. It is estimated that $500 billion is spent every year on bets. Let us look at the evil effects of gambling.


  • Loss of jobs.
  • People go into bankruptcy.
  • Fraud cases like forgery.
  • People may be compelled to sell their homes and other assets.
  • Taxpayer money is spent by the government for public assistance programs.


  • Breakdown of relationships, families.
  • Divorce Rates go up.
  • Children of these addicts have to suffer physical and mental abuse.
  • Gambling addicts usually leave their children alone in their cars or homes when they are busy gambling. This leads to a feeling of insecurity, physical and emotional abandonment and hampers their proper upbringing.
  • Such children are likely to develop problems of their own later in life. They may themselves become addicted to gambling.
  • Many gambling addicts commit criminal acts to pay off their debts.

Mindful Indulgence is the Key

While gambling has been a miracle for many, it also has its fair-share of downfalls. The person indulging in gambling needs to be alert and exercise some amount of self-control, when it comes to withdrawing himself from the nexus at the very right time.