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Casino Games That Can Make You a Millionaire

Indeed, you can be a millionaire with a single game - but you have to choose the right one. Red Flush Casino review there are thousands of casino games out there and each one awards a different prize. In the same way, your chances of winning also change from game to game. If you're lucky enough, you can be a millionaire! But how should you choose them? Which ones offer a higher winning chance? We will examine all these issues one by one. First, let's start with the games with the highest cash prizes.

Progressive Jackpots – One Spin Is All You Need

Progressive jackpot games are actually video slot machines. So in terms of rules and game system, they are no different than a slot machine. The only difference is that they do not have fixed prizes. As their name implies, they have an ever-increasing "prize pool". With every game played, the amount of prize in the pool increases slightly. If the progressive jackpot machines are connected to one another (if there are multiple machines on the same network), the reward can go up to millions of dollars in a short period of time. In other words, the amount of rewards is constantly increasing until someone gets a win. Although there are many progressive slots on the market, some of them manage to draw attention with the prizes they regularly distribute.

IGT's Megabucks series is at the top of the list. Megabucks is a fairly old series and has many titles in it. The original game (first one in the series) is a fruit slot machine with extremely simple rules. It is enough to place the same 3 symbols on a pay line to get a prize. If these symbols are jackpot signs, you are entitled to a huge payout, that is, millions of dollars. We are serious about "millions", here are the amount of rewards that Megabucks machines have distributed so far:

  • $39.710.826, 03/21/2003
  • $34.959.458, 01/26/2000
  • $27.580.879, 11/15/1998
  • $22.621.229, 05/27/2002
  • $21.346.952, 06/01/1999

We can extend the list even further, but it is obvious that each year Megabucks makes one player a millionaire. The only problem is that you have to go to Las Vegas to become the one. Megabucks is a physical cabin only found in land-based casinos – there is no online version. If you prefer online casino games, we recommend you take a look at the Mega Moolah slot machine developed by Microgaming. This game, which is a progressive online slot machine, managed to enter the Guinness Book of Records. Mega Moolah, which awarded $ 20,062,600 on 6 October 2005, is now known as the world's most rewarding online slot game. You can find it in almost every online casino that uses the Microgaming platform.

Of course there are some disadvantages of the progressive jackpot games: First of all, you always have to play with the maximum bet amount. Otherwise, they do not activate the jackpot prize. If the number of the pay lines is high, playing with the maximum bet can be quite challenging: Paying 100 coins for each spin is not for every budget. For this reason, those who have a low budget usually stay away from this type of games. Another disadvantage is the low chance of winning. As we will explain below, the RTP rates of progressive jackpot games are very low. So mostly you just feed the pool. High prize amounts can be attractive, but those who want a more "guaranteed" option should look for other casino games. Casino Games with the Best Odds

First, let's explain the concepts of RTP and house edge: RTP is an abbreviation of the word "return to player" and shows how much you will lose in the long run. As a general rule, this value must be high. For example, “98% RTP” means that you can recover $ 98 of every $ 100 you spend. House edge is a concept associated with RTP: It shows how much profit the casino is making. For example, if the house edge is 5%, the casino will earn a minimum of $ 5 from every $ 100 you spend. In short, the rule is “RTP must be high, and house edge must be low”. In this respect, the following casino games offer the best odds:

Video Poker. These simple machines are played according to draw poker rules and offer the best RTP rates. The average RTP value of video poker is 98%. However, by doing some research, you can find games with 99%, even 100.8% ratios. In other words, it is almost guaranteed that you will make a profit. For example, All Aces Video Poker, developed by Microgaming, has an RTP rate of 99.92%.

Blackjack. Theoretically, the RTP rate for blackjack is 100%. In other words, you have the opportunity to win every hand by playing an optimal game. But for that, you have to be a mathematical genius and be able to count the cards perfectly. Do not worry if you do not trust yourself in this regard: In normal conditions, the house edge of blackjack games is only 0.13%. So they offer the best chance to win among all other casino games.