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How to Build an Online Casino Website

Basic Guidelines

Before a gamer starts to build his/her own online casino website there are some very important things to keep in mind. Building an online site is not an easy job and it takes some time to research and collect needed information. The biggest problem is definitively obtaining a gambling license. To create your own betting site you need to have some sort of experience in a world of gambling. Choose carefully business partners, game providers, site content, market solutions and type of games for the casino website. It should be attractive, with things that will be interesting for new members like no deposit bonuses, free cash opportunities, big game variety, fast payment methods and many other features which can bring you profit. If a gambling world is something that you want to try, follow these simple tips that can help you in developing a betting platform with ease.

Online Casino Job Opportunity

If anyone wants to build a new and interesting website which can bring some decent profit, creating an online casino website is definitively a good idea. This job can be very fun and profitable in a short time period. Of course, this is not a kid’s play. Behind every successful gaming site is a well-trained and experienced staff solving problems every day to satisfy customers needs.

Basic Rules and Tips

Before anyone starts building an online casino website he/she should follow these steps:

  • Choose an online provider
  • Obtain a Gaming License
  • Jurisdiction choice
  • Choose how to advertise
  • Deal with changes

Pick a Right Online Provider

This is the first and the most important task before even starting to build your own site. The reason is simple. The software will run the site and it needs to be smooth and reliable at every moment without any bugs or mistakes.

Unreliable sites cannot keep up with the competition. When deciding game categories, be sure to choose a well-known vendor with a big variety of casino machines with high RTPs to attract players. This seems like a simple job, but it can actually make a difference between 5 hundred and 5 thousand players on your casino site. At the moment the NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech are the top 3 game providers and they are the most obvious choice for every new site owner. These top quality products from the mentioned developers are not for free, and a site owner will have to pay a big cash amount, up to 120 000$ for a whole year. There are many alternative and cheaper gaming houses but it would be good to have at least one from the top 3. Before making any decision always do a thorough research and ask questions. Try to be informed as much as possible to be able to compare everything of your interest to make a right decision.

Gain a Gambling License

This is not an easy task. It takes some time and money to obtain it. But there are some alternative solutions that can help you to solve this faster. If a site owner makes a deal to have a sub-license, he/she can have a fully legit job without the need to gain a license by him/herself. This is just a temporary solution, and it is always better to own your gambling license because the online casino cannot be established without it. There is one more way to open a legit online casino website, and that is to start a BitCoin casino. If a site owner decides for a BitCoin solution he/she can work without the license.

Where to Obtain a Gambling License

This is the next step that needs to be done for all people who want to try this kind of business. If a site owner wants a quicker and cheaper way of gaining a license there are countries like the Curacao where it can be owned for 20000€. If you are interested in some other countries, there are solutions like the UK, Romania, and others where a license costs around 1500000€ for a whole year.

Payment Methods

Upon gaining a gambling license, get back to work and determine the best payment methods for your online casino website. These days, credit cards are one of the most popular ways for the money transfer so make sure to include them to attract more gamblers. This will allow a fast and secured cash flow with a quick way for players to deposit and withdraw the money from their accounts. If possible, find methods that are proven to work, with small fees, so that costumers can easily infuse cash into their accounts without any additional costs. The pending period is something that a lot of people are complaining about all the time. Try to minimize it as much as possible to keep gamblers satisfied.

Market Places

When a license is obtained, you picked the desired games, your site is secured up and running, it is time to attract new members. The best way of doing it is through online marketing. This is a task that will take a good amount of time before a site owner hits the desired goal. Choose countries where you want to be advertised and pick an advertising way (television ads, radio, online commercials, magazines, etc.). Content must be well-thought with a very distinctive sign and a casino logo. People can be attracted with many possible advantages coming from your casino like:

  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Promotions
  • Welcome Packages
  • VIP membership
  • Weekly prizes and leaderboards

Few More Tips

Don’t think that opening is all that needs to be done. This is just a beginning. Online site owners are people who are thinking in advance and watching over for market changes. Their sites are constantly been refreshed and renewed with brand new games and promotions to attract new gamblers and keep the old ones playing for a constant business improving.