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1. Staff Members
1.1. Disrespectful attitude towards any of the Staff Members is forbidden;
Punishment: Severe - permanent account ban. If the account was made specifically for this purpose, then the user's computer will also be banned.

1.2. You must stop any hostile actions against other players when a GM appears near you, especially if your hostility is aimed at the person(s) who called the GM;
Punishment: Slight - varies acoording to level of abuse

1.3. It is forbidden to lie to Staff Members;
Punishment: Severe - ranging from a few days to permanent

Staff members include all Administrators (Admins) and Game Masters (GMs).
These rules apply anywhere, including in-game, on the forums and in e-mails sent to us.

2. Chatting and names
2.1. It is forbidden to disrespect any other person via chat, in any form (abbreviated, symbols, full text); Punishment: Slight - chat ban for 1-3 days in light cases, 1-3 day ban in medium cases, and up to permanent ban if you persist.

2.2. It is forbidden to insult other players' nation, race, religion or any form of indirect insult;
Punishment: same as 4.1

2.3. It is forbidden to use bad words, in any form in character names, clan names or titles;
Punishment: Slight - varies from name/clan/title change to ban.

2.4. It is forbidden to use any of the following words in character names, in any form of spelling: GM, Admin, Announcement and the names of the current and previous Staff Members;
Punishment: Severe - permanent account and computer ban.

2.5. It is forbidden to beg for adena or items;
Punishment: Slight - chat ban for various durations.

2.6 It is forbidden to use real-life threats (i.e. threaten someone to harm them IRL). Remember, this is a game;
Punishment: Medium - ban ranging from 3 days to one month and permanent char deletion/account ban in extreme cases.